Dig-O-Matic Lego Vehicle

Get inspired by this feat of eight-year-old engineering. Most notable for its rollable hinged digger bucket, its playful functionality is created by connecting eight hinged Lego bricks to the bucket.

Halloween-Inspired LEGO brick builds

Looking for the best ideas for how to build LEGO for Halloween? We’ve got you covered! Created a favorite? Don’t forget, you can turn it into a wall sticker keepsake so you can decorate with it for years to come!

Kids’ Frog Art and Frog LEGO builds

Let’s face it – kids love frogs! My 1st grader took a trip to the local botanical gardens with his class to look for tadpoles and LOVED the entire science lesson. Did you know froglets are part of the life cycle? LEGO Classic Frog

Classic LEGO Bricks and Gears 10712

This set includes 244 pieces. The key bricks that this set adds to your collection are obviously the gears, but my personal favorites are the EYES –two big googly eyes and two “spinny” eyes. They are perfect for funny eyes on a monster, creating