Kid Review of Lego Ford F-150 Raptor

This is a LEGO Technic review and building experience by a 10-year-old brick fanatic. The Ford F-150 Raptor LEGO set was received as a LEGO birthday gift.

Getting Started Tip

Don’t get frustrated right out the gate if you can’t find what you’re looking for because there are two #1 bags. Open both #1 bags to get started!

Bags #1: Building begins with parts of the front wheels and the engine.

Picture of LEGO® Technic™ Ford® F-150 Raptor being unboxed and built by a kid.

Build Time

My son built the Ford F-150 Raptor over a three-day span. This was a different approach than Dom’s Dodge Charger. The Dodge Charger was a straight 10 to 12-hour epic build; my son was so focused that he almost forgot to eat and drink for the day.

Comparison of Lego Dom's Dodge Charger technic build and Ford F150 Raptor.

LEGO® Technic™ Ford® F-150 Raptor — Favorite Parts

  • The black mudguards around the wheels. They don’t click in but slide on.
  • The suspension is excellent!
  • There’s steering, too!
  • Moving pistons.
  • He really likes the vibrant orange and black fenders on the orange wheel wells!


My son and his cousin built a towing attachment for the Ford Raptor to tow Dom’s Dodge Charger. The tow attachment did work; however, the trailer was not strong enough to hold that much weight!

Interesting Fact

My son noticed that all the “marketing” advertisement pictures in the instruction booklet removed the wheel on top of the truck; the wheel is used for steering.

For Technic LEGO brick enthusiasts, we know the Ford F-150 truck build will not disappoint. Explore pictures and our kid-builder’s favorite features!

LEGO Set Kid Review

Arts and Brick’s gives the LEGO® Technic™ Ford® F-150 Raptor a 5-Star “Excellent” Kid Review. This is an amazing set!

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