What type of file do I upload?

Please upload files as image files. The file extension should be a jpg or png. You may use your phone’s camera or a standard camera. Please use bright lighting. Dark shadows are sometimes difficult to fix.

Are there any design restrictions?

We are unable to produce designs featuring any intellectual property without the IP holder’s permission. For example, we are unable to produce film characters, logos, or other licensed designs without permission. We also can not reproduce designs directly from purchased kits.

Do you have other photography tips?

Yes, make sure that you include the entire artwork or brick-built creation in the photo. Pay close attention to make sure you have not cut off a bit of a wing or a piece that juts out. Trust us, your child will know if something is missing on his/her sticker! No fingers! We recommend standing directly above artwork and photographing down. For 3D pieces, prop or stand your creation up against a solid backdrop. Your choice for a vantage point, but we especially like shots taken from eye level.

Will you color correct my submitted image?

Yes, absolutely. The best wall vinyl decals are produced from high-quality photographs, so please do your best to use good lighting and to take in-focus photos.

Can you make a custom size for me?

Sure can. Send us an email about what you’re looking for and we’ll get you pricing ASAP.

Do you have a return or cancelation policy?

Yes, we do. Here is the link to our Return Policy.

We give 10% of revenue to non-profits!

We believe that the change we want to see in the world starts with us. So, we’re taking a leap of faith and committing 10% of each sale to charity. We’re a West Virginia company with a heart for our community.

Currently, your purchases will benefit the following West Virginia and regional organizations:

  1. West Virginia Women Work
  2. Chestnut Mountain Ranch
  3. Mountaineer Food Bank
  4. OEW Hope