FAQs for our Shop

Where do I submit my artwork?

You may email us and send attachments to support [at] artsandbricks.com or use our Submit Artwork form.

What type of file do I upload for custom orders?

Please upload files as image files. The file extension should be a jpg or png. You may use your phone’s camera or a standard camera. Please use bright lighting. Dark shadows are often difficult to fix.

Are there any design restrictions for my artwork or LEGO MOCs?

We are unable to produce designs featuring any intellectual property without the IP holder’s permission. For example, we are unable to produce film characters, logos, or other licensed designs without permission. We also can not reproduce designs directly from purchased kits.

Do you have other photography tips?

Yes, make sure that you include the entire artwork or brick-built creation in the photo. Pay close attention to make sure you have not cut off a bit of a wing or a brick piece that juts out. Trust us, your child will know if something is missing on his/her sticker! No fingers! We recommend standing directly above artwork and photographing down. For 3D pieces, prop or stand your creation up against a solid backdrop. Your choice for a vantage point, but we especially like shots taken from eye level.

What’s the best way to make my child’s painted handprints?

  • We recommend using red, blue, or green paint and painting your child’s hands with a paintbrush.
  • Please send us BOTH a left-hand and right-hand print. If you’re unsure of the quality of a print, you may send more than one option and we’ll pick the best one. Please make sure the handprints are not overlapping.
  • We will digitally adjust the color of your provided handprints to match our design. For instance, in the Personalized Playful Handprints set, you will receive two pink, blue, and yellow handprint window clings.

Is there a time limit for submitting personalization artwork for handprint window cling SETS?

We ask that you provide Arts and Bricks handprint artwork for sets within 90-days of order placement. We understand that life gets busy, so after 90 days, we’ll send the portion of your order that does not require customization. Optionally, you may change your selection to our standard handprints and you’ll receive a promo code for any price adjustment (based on product pricing from the date of your order).

Is there a time limit for submitting artwork for INDIVIDUAL handprint clings?

There is no expiration date. All refunds must be processed within 45 days of purchase. If you change your mind on personalization after 45 days, we can issue a promo code for the value of your purchased personalized handprint that can be used towards a different purchase.

Will you color correct my submitted image?

Yes, absolutely. The best wall and window decals are produced from high-quality photographs, so please do your best to photograph with adequate lighting and to provide us with in-focus, sharps photos.

Can you make a custom size for me?

We sure can. Send us an email about what you’re looking for and we’ll get you pricing ASAP.

Do you have a return or cancelation policy?

Yes, we do. Here is the link to our Return Policy.

Do gift certificates expire?

No, Arts and Bricks gift certificates do not have an expiration date.