The Best LEGO gift ideas

Unique gifts for kids who have a lot of LEGO

Whether you’re researching holiday LEGO ideas, birthday LEGO gifts, Easter basket LEGO stuffers, or just “Because I love you” toys, there are a ton of options for LEGO lovers.

Hopefully, this LEGO gift guide helps to inspire you and you discover a NEW product or two, or three, or four, or more!!!

If you’re wondering, “Does LEGO make a good gift?” The resounding answer is, “YES!” We can speak from experience that the children in our lives, from ages 3 to 11, always say that LEGO gifts are their favorite gifts at any holiday!

Don’t forget to share these ideas with your kids’ grandparents. We’re here to help you NOT receive your 3rd and 4th set of the same LEGO truck that is so readily available at Wal-Mart and Amazon. 🤪 For our favorite LEGO sets, check out our reviews and suggestions.

So, onto our roundup of the BEST LEGO GIFT IDEAS:

Klutz Lego Make Your Own Movie Activity Kit

We found this great LEGO activity book at our school book fair and we’ve had quite a bit of fun building and recording our own Stop-Motion animations. The book includes scenery, props, and very helpful instructions for inspiring young movie producers!

Lego Gift Idea: We found this great LEGO activity book, "Make Your Own Movie" at our school book fair and we've had quite a bit of fun building and recording our own Stop-Motion animations. The book includes scenery, props, and very helpful instructions for inspiring young movie producers!

Arts and Bricks “Racers” LEGO Car Wall Stickers

Add a creative touch to any bedroom, playroom, or LEGO play space with these durable wall decals. Designed and built with LEGO bricks, these wall stickers are movable and do not damage walls or paint.

Young boy enjoying his LEGO-Brick Built Race Car wall decals by Arts and Bricks.
Set of 3 movable wall stickers designed from building bricks.

LEGO Storage Bricks

Lego Storage Blocks: These cute LEGO Brick storage boxes are a clever way to store your LEGO brick collection, or even just an easy way to travel with LEGOs, especially useful for holiday visits and family vacations. Multiple-sized plastic storage brick bins are a fun way to decorate and to keep bricks off of your floor, too!

These cute LEGO Brick storage boxes are a clever way to store your LEGO brick collection, or even just an easy way to travel with LEGOs, especially useful for holiday visits and family vacations. Multiple-sized plastic storage brick bins are a fun way to decorate and to keep bricks off of your floor, too!

LEGO Education Wheels Set

LEGO Education Wheels Set: 286-piece set includes a steering wheel and a variety of windscreens, tires, plates, axles, and wheel hubs to build moveable LEGO vehicles. Build 12 vehicles at one time
286-piece set includes a steering wheel and a variety of windscreens, tires, plates, axles, and wheel hubs to build moveable LEGO vehicles. Build 12 vehicles at one time. Available on Amazon.

When it comes to building with LEGO bricks, vehicles and cars are the staples in our home. Extra plates and wheels allow for even more fun and racing, and less fighting over who gets to use which important car bricks. This is a great value-add set for your family’s LEGO collection!

LEGO Search and Find Books

A fun twist on Search-And-Find books, explore the Ninjago world while searching for favorite characters like Samurai-Droid and Pizza Boy in LEGO CITY. Even escape to the magical worlds of Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Explore LEGO Search-And-Find books

Customize your own Minifigure for a Personalized LEGO Search-And-Find Book

These clever personalized LEGO Search-And-Find books by Penwizard are even better than the off-the-shelf Search-And-Find books! Personalize your book’s main character’s hair color, glasses, clothing, and facial expression. Insert your special LEGO lover’s name and even a personalization message into this one-of-a-kind book. These books ships from the UK, so make sure to allow enough time for production and mailing.

LEGO Amazing Vehicles Book

We received this excellent LEGO Amazing Vehicles book as an eighth birthday gift. Featuring many inspirational LEGO vehicle ideas, we can confidently share that if you have a kid who loves LEGO bricks and cars, this book will be a superb purchase and will encourage hours of building fun!

A superb LEGO book for kids who love LEGO bricks and cars, boats, planes!

LEGO Baseplates

LEGO baseplates are very useful foundational LEGO pieces. Available in a variety of colors (grey, green, blue, sand, and white) they serve as fields, oceans, space, beaches, and deserts.

Two grey LEGO baseplates are shown in this Classic space-themed scene featuring Benny’s Space Squad.

LEGO Minifigure LED Headlamp

I think this novel gift will be a hit with kids of all ages, but I can definitely attest to the fact that the children in our life (ages 3 to 9) wear headlamps EVERY night in their bedroom before they fall asleep and would LOVE this LEGO headlamp design.

Sold by LEGO, available on Amazon for about $35

Silicone LEGO themed trays

This 6-piece set is available on Amazon.

This 6-piece set includes molds for bricks and Minifigures. Use these LEGO silicone food molds to create LEGO-themed candles, LEGO crayons, LEGO candy, LEGO cupcakes, and more! This is an affordable creative gift for the LEGO-lover in your life, both child and adult!

LEGO Building Toy Sets

The obvious gift: NEW LEGO sets

There are dozens and dozens of great LEGO sets introduced each year. Get a unique perspective on which LEGO set is best for your kiddo by reading our kid-reviews of the best LEGO SETS. We’ll help you narrow down which LEGO set to purchase.

In 2021, our current favorites are:

LEGO Creator Pirate Ship Pirate Inn, Set 31109

LEGO Ice Cream Truck, Set 60253

LEGO City Safari Off-roader, Set 60267

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Play Hair Salon, Set 41391

Classic LEGO Bricks and Gears, Set 10712

LEGO Classic Brick Sets

LEGO Classic sets are especially perfect for younger children brand-new to LEGO or for children just moving up from Duplos because the Classic sets quickly add a variety of brick colors and basic bricks to any LEGO collection.

The Classic #10698 set includes many 2x4s, 2x3s, 2x6s, etc – increasing your basic brick building capabilities – while the specialty bricks like doors, windows, upper and lower slanted angles, several round bricks, two green baseplates, six wheels, and seven eyepieces open up new creative options. The LEGO® Classic box set comes in a plastic storage bin shaped like a brick (bonus!) and includes 790 pieces. (Read our child’s review of the 10698 LEGO set).

The LEGO Classic series also has sets that come in smaller boxes that run about $5. (Especially affordable for acquaintance’s birthday gifts or stocking stuffers!) You can purchase these smaller boxes by color, allowing you to increase the bricks in your collection based on your child’s favorite color – like ORANGE!

Kids LEGO-Compatible Toy Block Tape

These rolls of stickable tape allow you to attach LEGO Minifigures and LEGO bricks to any surface. Use on furniture, walls, other brick sets, and more.

Get creative. Stick this tape under a desk to “hang” your favorite Minifigures or to act out upside-down scenes! This is an inexpensive gift that greatly extends creative play for the brick-building enthusiast in your life. This tape is manufactured by a variety of vendors and comes in many different colors and sizes. 

Silicone tape that is compatible with LEGO and other building bricks. Cut – Peel – Stick – Build!


If your child is old enough to have their own computer, then they might love this creative decorative addition by Brik. allows you to create pixel art on your Brick laptop case. (aka build mosaics on your laptop!)

Credit: BRICK Instagram

LEGO Chess Set

Available directly from LEGO or AMAZON

Is there a LEGO Chess set? Yes, there are many!!!!

At 7, our son has discovered chess. We’ve purchased and built the Lego Iconic Chess Game Board Set. This LEGO chess set is buildable (the board and the pieces) and then has storage available to keep the built board as a functional chess board and game. You can play checkers, too. (Read our full review of the Lego Iconic Chess Game Board, Set 40174)

The LEGO chess set is a bit pricy, but for 2-for-1, both a LEGO building set and gameboard, it seems very worth it. Plus, this is one of those sets that we plan to keep for a long time; I can see this LEGO Chess set being passed down to grandkids! As of Nov. 2019, sells the LEGO Iconic Chess Set for about $55, while Amazon‘s price is fluctuating upwards of $99.

LEGO Brick Headz > Go Brick Me

708 pieces in Go Brick Me (Retired as of Christmas 2019). Available on Amazon.

This LEGO Brick Headz set allows you to build a Brick Head that looks like you, your best friend, family, or really anyone! This set includes specially selected LEGO bricks to match a variety of hairstyles and skin tones.


LEGO Road Baseplates

Give your cars a place to zoom, race, and park! Create city streets with LEGO CITY straight and crossroad base plates. The roads come in sets of two baseplates for T-junctions, straight roads, and curves. Extend your roads and even add parking lots with off-brand LEGO-compatible road plates.

LEGO Brick Alarm Clock

This basic alarm clock, with a snooze function and a light-up display, will delight the LEGO enthusiast in your home. Features iconic blue brick design and purple, too.

Klutz LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions Craft Kit

Klutz books and products are really great; I still remember my Learn to Juggle Klutz book from the early ’90s (and, yes, it did teach me to juggle!) The Crazy Action Contraptions encourages hours of creative play making launchers, noise-makers, gadgets, vehicles, and games.

Purchase Bulk Used LEGO Bricks

One of the best gifts my son EVER received was a bulk container of my childhood LEGO bricks from the 1980s. Grandad unpacked them from the garage and split the lot between his two grandsons for Christmas.

This was a BIG TIME WIN! (Plus, I spent several hours that day recreating sets from my childhood, because of course, my Dad saved all of the instructions, too!)

Over the summer we were thinking we could once again use a large bulk set of LEGO bricks to replenish our collection, so we turned to eBay. (We checked the Facebook marketplace for our local area, but there were very few options). Our bulk LEGO purchase was a great success! Read this post if you’re wondering how many bricks are in ten bulk pounds or just want to get some tips for purchasing bulk LEGO bricks online.

bulk used LEGO boxes, great buy, probably about 3K pieces
We purchased a used bulk LEGO lot from eBay and LOVED what we received. A great value, we even received many discontinued Bionicle pieces (LEGO robot-like figures from the early 2000s).

Eat, Sleep, Build T-Shirt for Kids

Cute t-shirts for the obsessed LEGO builders in your household!

Available in youth/children sizes on Amazon.

Gift ideas for grandparents to buy LEGO obsessed grandkids

LEGO-Inspired Sunglasses

We received a pair of brick sunglasses as a party favor. They were very cute! Of course, our kids are quite tough on sunglasses (and most kid’s sunglasses are made cheaply), so these glasses are not going to last multiple seasons. However, I think these sunglasses are worth it, even if just to capture cute photos of your kids wearing them!

LEGO-inspired kid sunglasses are perfect for summer birthdays, stocking stuffers, and more. These build-on sunglasses come in a 6-pack. Being forced to purchase multiple pairs is actually really nice, even if you only have one or two children because when they break, you’ll still have another pair!

Multicolor, LEGO-inspired kids sunglasses. Recommended for ages 6+, and fits many adults. Printed plastic material; bricks do not attach to them. Single pair.
Build-on, DIY, plastic LEGO-inspired sunglasses. Pack of 6.

LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Bones – Fossils

For the LEGO and dinosaur lover in your life, it doesn’t get better than this! Assemble your very own dinosaur bone exhibit featuring the fierce T-Rex, Triceratops, and Pteranodon. This 910-piece set includes a paleontologist Minifigure and skeleton LEGO Sapiens figure. Lego recommends for ages 16+, but our nine-year-old flew through this LEGO build all on his own.

New set for Winter 2019. Purchase from or Amazon.
New for Winter 2019, this dinosaur bone kit is really cool! Right now, it’s temporarily out of stock on but keep looking – it will surely be a favorite!

Another similar LEGO dinosaur boneset is the discontinued LEGO Cuusoo Research Institute #21110. It is still available on eBay, Amazon, and even online from Walmart.

365 Things To Do with LEGO Bricks Book

We’ve had this book in our personal collection for about a year. It’s a very high-quality, hard-covered book with an extra flap for marking your page. The red square (shown on the bottom) is a functional activity timer and selector. Simply push the “?” button and the screen display will cycle through and land on a number between 1 and 365. This is your activity selector, simply flip to that activity number and get to building.

To be honest, we’ve probably only specifically completed a dozen or so of the projects, however, our son frequently flips through this book by headlamp at night in his bed. It sparks creative ideas and he enjoys reading the book as well as just flipping through the pages.

Brick Activity Table

This plastic building blocks-compatible table makes a nice addition to a child’s bedroom, playroom or dedicated brick-building space in your home. A best seller on Amazon, this activity table comes in two color combinations: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow and White/Blue/Pink/Purple.

LEGO Minifigure Packs

Did you know that you can buy LEGO Minifigures in packs, similar to how you buy trading cards? Single packs are great for small add-on gifts! The Minifigure packs often include unique accessories like golf clubs, guitars, hats, and fun hairstyles. Minifigure packs are unmarked, so it’s always a surprise what character you’ll open.

Attach Minifigure packs to your gift bow and ribbon to add extra excitement to your wrapped presents. Buy several and give as a gift to friends, or use them as LEGO stocking stuffers!

Purchase single (1 LEGO character) minifigures from The Lego Movie 2
LEGO Minifigures Disney Series 2 – Purchase in Single Minifigure Packs

LEGO Cookie Cutters (5-Pack)

We recently ordered the LEGO Cookie Cutters from as a festive addition to our holiday cookie cutter collection. I’m thinking about using them as stocking stuffers. These could be great for children’s LEGO themed birthday parties and likely a great addition to a playdough collection, too.

So far, I’ve only seen these LEGO cookie cutters available from

LEGO Spiderman Crawler Set

This buildable mech moves like a spider, each leg lifts and the crawler moves forward and backward by the movement of the wheel on the underside. This mechanical spider also shoots webs from two stud shooters. This is an example of one of the rare sets that is still intact in our home, months, and months later. Plus, it comes with a Spiderman Minifigure, a definite crowd-pleaser.

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man: Spider-Man’s Spider Crawler 76114 superhero playset

LEGO Boost

This is by far our most expensive LEGO purchase to-date, but it’s also the most versatile and “techy” Lego set that we own. Lego Boost was created to introduce LEGO robotics and programming to children ages 7-12. The set has five builds and the instructions and programming happen on a free App that you access on your smartphone or tablet. The activities and programming are fun and entertain children and geeky adults, alike!

This was a Christmas gift that captivated the cousins for multiple hours each day of the holiday (PARENT WIN!). The down-side, Vernie the Robot was so loved that our son refused to take him apart to build the other designs.

Vernie the Robot was the first build we made LEGO Boost. Our 6-year old enjoyed him so much it took months before we could break him apart and make the next build in the set.

Custom Wall Decal: 6-month Subscription

6-month custom wall decal subscription
Subscribe to this 6-month Custom Wall Decal Gift package

A custom wall decal subscription is a gift that delights and encourages creativity month-after-month! My children actually build designs specifically to be made into stickers. Stickers can be created from children’s artwork or brick-built creations. Either way, personalized vinyl wall decals are a great keepsake and make your child feel like a true artist!

BONUS: Turning your child’s brick-built creations into keepsakes frees up the physical LEGO bricks to be used and re-used, again and again!

Ninjago Stormbringer – Dragon LEGO set

In our home, when a LEGO set remains intact for 6+ months then you know you’ve purchased a keeper. This is one such set! Stormbringer, the Ninjago blue dragon, has about 500 pieces and the coolest tail movement I’ve seen in a LEGO set. BONUS: This set can combine with your LEGO Boost to be programmed/controlled.

Lego Ninjago stormbringer dragon - flying with blue sky and clouds
This Ninjago Stormbringer set is about $40 and available on Amazon.

Custom Minifigures

Design your own minifigure with

I haven’t purchased a custom-designed Minifigure, yet, but this looks really cool! The website lets you choose your parts, images, accessories, and more, and then this company prints directly on the Minifigure and sends you your customized design. This seems like a great idea for children and adult LEGO-lovers alike!

Buy Custom Minifigures – even Holiday Themed Ones

There are other custom Minifigure designers in the market, too. Customized aftermarket Minifigures get pretty pricy, but they are really creative!

Dedicated to custom Minifigures, designs and creates these figures. Each figure comes packaged in custom packaging, ensuring they make awesome gifts

Holiday LEGO Set: LEGO BrickHeadz Mr. & Mrs. Claus 40274 (2019)

These holiday buildable LEGO BrickHeadz Mr and Mrs Claus characters feature festive red and white outfits, detachable gift sack, and assorted cake and cookie elements. They also include a buildable Christmas tree and a pile of gifts.

LEGO Advent Calendars and LEGO Holiday Ornaments

For the holidays, LEGO advent calendars (Shop on Amazon) and LEGO ornaments (Shop on Amazon) are always a festive favorite.

Perfect for holiday gift giving, purchase LEGO advent calendars and ornaments.

LEGO Ninjago How to Draw Book

This 100% Klutz Certified book includes activities, tracing, and how to draw step-by-step instructions. For the LEGO-enthusiast who also loves drawing, this is a great gift.

LEGO Ninjago How to Draw Book: This 100% Klutz Certified book includes activities, tracing, and how to draw step-by-step instructions. For the LEGO-enthusiast who also loves drawing, this is a great gift.
Klutz and Scholastic are teamed up, so you may even find this at a school book fair. Check Amazon.

LEGO Water Bottles

Water bottles with Minifigure heads are a practical gift. Originally, we added these colorful Minifigure water bottles as LEGO Back to School items, but we also think they make great holiday gifts, too.

We were really excited to find these on Amazon; we’re planning to buy them as stocking stuffers. The online reviews for quality are mixed, but they’re cute enough that we’re willing to give them a try.

LEGO Brick Backpack

This is a wonderfully made backpack; it’s very high quality and washes up well. This LEGO backpack has great front pockets, perfect for notes, snacks, and school supplies. Matching lunch boxes are available, too.

Available in 9 colors from and Amazon. We talk more about how much we love this LEGO brick backpack on our LEGO Back to School Guide.

Build-On-Brick Mug

Build a one-of-a-kind kid’s mug (perfect for apple cider and hot cocoa) or buy one for the kid in you! Add wings, Minifigures, wheels, and more to your mug! The sky is certainly the limit.

Please note: I’m disappointed that I can’t figure out which of the manufacturers for this product is the “original,” as there are now many Chinese manufacturers flooding the market on Amazon.

LEGO Upscaled Mug

Drink your hot cocoa, apple cider, or even just a morning glass of milk in style – just like Emmet – with this upscaled classic LEGO red mug.

Check pricing on Amazon.

Brick-Built Heart Stickers/Decals

Bring heart to your little LEGO-loving child with these cute heart wall stickers or heart window clings. Perfect for stocking stuffers, too!

Wall decals designed with LEGO bricks. About 4.25 inches square.
LEGO home decor, window decorations for kids built from LEGO bricks
Colorful set of brick-built hearts printed as window clings.

LEGO Block Kid’s Slippers

Featuring your favorite LEGO man, these red, blue, and yellow slippers are the perfect at-home LEGO-BUILDING footwear!

LEGO kids slippers
Check for pricing on Amazon.

LEGO Wallet for Kids

This colorful and durable LEGO wallet stores cash, gift cards and even has a slot for a Minifigure or two. We do have a complaint. This kid’s wallet lacks a change purse area, and our kids always carry around lots of loose coins!

Looking for a LEGO gift? This colorful and durable LEGO wallet stores cash, gift cards and even has a slot for a minifigure or two.
Check for pricing on Amazon.

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