Back to School – LEGO style

Here’s a round-up of our favorite LEGO Back to School Supplies.

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By far, our favorite LEGO school necessity is the LEGO Brick Backpack. We have it in red and purchased it directly from LEGO. It’s very well made with thick fabric and strong zippers; ours is a year old and based on its current wear-and-tear it is going to last for several years to come!

There’s also a matching LEGO® Brick Lunch Bag; the lunch bags are single 1×1 bricks.

Both the backpack and lunch bag come in 9 colors: black, blue, green, gray, navy, orange, pink, red and yellow. This year, there’s a new hologram 2×1 brick backpack, too!  At about $75, it’s pretty pricy, but maybe it’s worth it for this bag’s iridescent fabric rainbow effect?

LEGO Ninjago Boy’s Socks

New socks are a staple at our home each school year. Delight the little ninja in your life with a set of LEGO NINJAGO socks. Sizes are toddlers, kids, teens, and adults.

LEGO Drinking Bottles

We were really excited to find these on Amazon; we’re waiting to buy them as stocking stuffers. The online reviews for quality are mixed, but they’re cute enough that we’re going to give them a try.

Purchase from LEGO on Amazon for under $15

Ninjago Lunch Box

This was our 2nd grade boy’s lunch box choice for the current school year. Featuring three Ninjago ninjas, Kai (Fire Ninja), Lloyd Garmadon and Jay (Lightning Ninja), this one is sure to delight any Ninjago fan in your life. Available from Amazon Prime.

Lego Pencil Case and Pencils

At $8, this hard-cased pencil holder is a cute addition to any brick enthusiast’s school supplies. You can even fill these hard pencil cases with Lego Graphite pencils. To note: the pencils do not come sharpened and they do not have erasers, but the pencil toppers are pretty great because they allow you to clip minifigures to your pencils! In my opinion, for $6 the play value and novelty of these Lego pencils make them still worth it.

Both the Lego Pencil Case and Lego Pencils are available from Walmart online.

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