Halloween-Inspired LEGO brick builds

Looking for the best ideas for how to build LEGO for Halloween? We’ve got you covered! Created a favorite? Don’t forget, you can turn it into a wall sticker keepsake so you can decorate with it for years to come!

Pumpkins, and Bats, and Ghosts, Oh My!

How to Build a Simple LEGO Pumpkin

This Halloween we set out to build a simple pumpkin and succeeded. Designed with only seven LEGO bricks, this cute fall pumpkin is the perfect build for that “fresh-picked out of the patch” look.

Lego Pumpkin - Halloween
Simple LEGO Pumpkin – Halloween

DIY LEGO Pumpkin

How to Build a LEGO Bat

LEGO Bat - Halloween
LEGO bat – Halloween

While more complex than our pumpkin or ghost design, we hope that our bat design helps inspire you! You can find instructions on how to build it here: Build a Bat from LEGO bricks

How to build a bat out of LEGO Bricks

How to Build a LEGO Ghost

LEGO Ghost - Halloween
LEGO Ghost – Halloween

This simple ghost above reminds us of Pac-Man…our favorite parts are the bumpy bottom pieces.

LEGO Halloween Ghost designed by Arts and Bricks
Friendly Halloween Ghost made from LEGO bricks

A bit more Casper the Ghost style, this LEGO Ghost features friendly goggly eyes and a wispy tail.

Learn How to Build a Colorful Lego Pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern

Get inspired. Find tips and instructions for how to build your own Colorful Lego Jack O’ Lantern.

Decorate for Halloween with a Ghost, Bat and Pumpkin built with LEGO Bricks

Purchase our Brick-Built Halloween Wall Sticker Set – 5 reusable decals.

LEGO Seasonal Brick Sets

LEGO brings out seasonal brick sets each year, and it appears that many years their seasonal sets include Halloween themed kits. Websites like Brickset.com do a great job of rounding-up past sets for purchase on sites like Ebay or Amazon.

Sample of past LEGO Halloween themed seasonal sets. Search for these set #’s and names on Ebay and Amazon, or use Brickset.com to help find them.

VIDEO: How to Build LEGO Halloween

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