Build a Bat from LEGO bricks

Animal facts are a big deal in our home. We’re at the elementary school age and the WOW factor of our amazing planet is REAL. Naturally, animals are a large part of what we build with our LEGO bricks.

Bats are cool, and we’ve been having fun building them because we see them out at dusk AND because it’s almost Halloween. (Did you know bats can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes an hour?!?!?)

Front view of bat constructed from LEGO bricks.

Here’s one of our bat LEGO designs that we thought we’d share, and don’t forget you can purchase this LEGO bat as a wall sticker, too!

Building instructions for bat made of LEGO bricks
Back view of bat constructed from LEGO bricks.

LEGO Halloween Bat Building Instructions

Start by selecting these 23 bricks from your LEGO collection.

Layout the following 9 brick pieces (or similar ones that you have on hand) to create the wing span of the bat.

Create each bat LEGO wing with the 4 pieces shown.
Build the left and right wings.
Attach flat black pieces to secure the bat’s wings.
Use the flat black pieces shown, or any flat black pieces you have to secure the back of the bat wing span.
Next, make the bat body and feet.
Attach the left part of the body to the bat wing span structure.
Attach both sides of the bat body to wings.

Next, put together the ears and attach to the body.

The ears attach to the back of the bat’s body.

Finally, attach the eyes.

Give your bat two eyes, after all bats do use their eyes to find food during the light of day.
Front view of bat constructed from LEGO bricks.

And you’re done! Enjoy!

Have a LEGO-loving child in your life?

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