How to build a Thanksgiving Turkey from LEGO bricks

Designed by a 7-year old, this quick Thanksgiving turkey uses 8-simple pieces that you probably have multiples of in your current LEGO collection.

How to build a Thanksgiving turkey out of LEGO bricks
A simple LEGO build: 8-bricks for this fluttering Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving LEGO Turkey Printable

When you’re done building, pull out your crayons and markers and illustrate a fall scene for your Thanksgiving turkey.

Flutter! Flutter! Flutter! This turkey just missed the farmer’s pitchfork!

Download and print our Thanksgiving Turkey printable to create your own imaginary scene for this cute LEGO brick turkey.

Colorful Thanksgiving LEGO Turkey

Here’s another simple build idea for an easy, yet memorable, Thanksgiving kids’ activity. Our Thanksgiving turkey is designed by a seven-year-old with the pieces he could find in his large bin of LEGO bricks. There are 23 bricks used in this colorful Thanksgiving turkey.

Using 23 common LEGO bricks, you can build this festive turkey, too!

Lego Classic Thanksgiving Turkey

You can build this traditional hat-wearing Thanksgiving turkey from the LEGO bricks included in the Large Creative Brick Box 10698 by following the provided instructions in this PDF. Need more LEGO bricks? Check the pricing on this Lego Set favorite (Set 10698).

Photo Credit: LEGO — Build Instructions

More LEGO Thanksgiving Turkey Build Ideas

Looking for a creative holiday gift?

Personalized Name wall Decals - designed with LEGO bricks
Personalized name wall decals made from bricks.

Arts and Bricks designs and prints personalized name wall stickers made from building bricks; customized wall decals made from your child’s creations and has pre-made designs, too!

You may enjoy our Best LEGO Gifts for Kids roundup and our Favorite Christmas Holiday LEGO sets post.

Examples of wall stickers made from your child’s artwork or brick-built creations.

Thanksgiving How To Build LEGO Videos

Find even more inspiration! Watch these LEGO turkey and Thanksgiving videos.

Thanksgiving Alphabet of Blessings

Use our Alphabet of Gratitude printable to prompt gratitudes. #RebuildTheWorld one #lego brick letter at a time!

Need Inspiration? Check out our November 2020 26 Days of Thankfulness Instagram project where we share collective gratitudes from the 26 days leading up to Thanksgiving Day.

Download our FREE 26 Letters of Thankfulness Printable

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