Classic LEGO® Large Creative Brick Box 10698

LEGO® Classic Box

This LEGO® Classic box set comes in a plastic storage bin shaped like a brick (bonus!) and runs about $50 for 790 pieces.

We especially like this colorful addition to our brick collection because it brings into our mix many new brick shades like bright blue, pink, purple, tan, and maroon that our inherited collection from the ’80s doesn’t include. (Yep, our inherited collection is my childhood collection of LEGO bricks and is the LEGO gift that motivated us to buy LEGO in bulk online). There are 33 brick colors included in the Classic 10698 set.

The Creative Brick Box 10698 includes many colorful 2x4s, 2x3s, 2x6s, etc which greatly increases our basic brick building capabilities, while the included specialty bricks such as doors, windows, upper and lower slanted angles, several round bricks, 2 green baseplates, 6 wheels, and 7 eyepieces opened up NEW creative building options.

Available from, Walmart, Amazon, and more.

The #10698 box set comes with a printed idea manual, which my son jumped right into reading. At 6, almost 7, he can follow the instructions and successfully build on his own. During just my dinner preparation time, he cranked out 3 new small creations. For reference, here’s the Lego 10698 building instructions PDF.

What’s especially nice about this set is you can go online for more inspiration and online guides, and there are enough pieces that you can sufficiently build your own ideas, too.

We especially love this clever idea by blogger, The Paper Mama, to build a plant potter with Classic Lego Bricks.

Design-It-Yourself – MOC Decals

Did you know that here at Arts and Bricks we turn your child’s (or your, we’re talking to you AFOL) one-of-a-kind brick-built creations (LEGO MOCs) into unique vinyl wall and window decor?

Love this Navy Ship?

You can purchase this brick-built decal or make your own design.

Follow the LEGO Classic Set Manual – Lego 10698 Ideas has 26 ideas for the 10698 LEGO Classic Large Creative box set. The provided guide includes a stork, blue moped or blue Vespa, and a cute frog.

Learn to make your own blue moped or blue vespa with the bricks found in 10698 LEGO Classic Large Creative Box. It's so cute - especially for new fans of Luca (the sea monster Disney movie)!
Moped of Vespa design build from Lego Classic Large Creative Box 10698

VIDEOS – LEGO 19698 Building Ideas

For inspiration and custom design-build ideas, explore the following videos highlighting examples built strictly with the LEGOS you receive in the 10698 LEGO Classic Large Creative Box.

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Prev 1 of 1 Next

Holiday Ideas

With this set’s almost 800 pieces, the building possibilities are almost endless, but here are three holiday-specific ideas with instructions that you can build with Lego Set 19698, too!

Personalized Name Stickers and LEGO MOC Decals

Personalized Name wall Decals - designed with LEGO bricks
Personalized LEGO brick-built name stickers – On Sale!

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