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Classic LEGO Bricks and Gears 10712

Check pricing on Amazon for Classic LEGO Bricks and Gears 10712.

This set includes 244 pieces. The key bricks that this set adds to your collection are obviously the gears, but my personal favorites are the EYES –two big googly eyes and two “spinny” eyes. They are perfect for funny eyes on a monster, creating a dizzy animal or as the top of a very fast helicopter!

Interested in how the gears work? Watch them in action with this Barn Owl.

Barn Owl – one of the included ideas with the 10712 Bricks and Gears box
Helicopter with moving propellors – from 10712 Classic Bricks and Gears
Orangutan – Classic Bricks and Gears 10712

Get the plans to build this orangutan


Watch unboxings, speed builds and how-to’s for inspiration on what to build with the LEGO 10712 Bricks and Gears set.

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Did you build something one-of-a-kind?

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Did you build something one a kind?

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