Kid-Review of LEGO City Safari Off-roader, Set 60267

LEGO City Safari Off-roader vehicle set is a quick build, with 168 pieces and a recommended age of 5+, this building toy will likely take your elementary-age child under an hour to construct.

The printed stickers for the LEGO City Safari 60267 Set are detailed and add an ANIMAL PRINTED COOL factor to the set.

Favorite New LEGO Bricks

Even with only 168 LEGO bricks, this set boasts a few notable bricks!

The best part of this set for kids is the LION/LIONESS!

Lego Animals

The zebra-striped off-road vehicle is cool, but my kiddos are most pleased with the addition of the lioness (brick 6287660) and parrot (brick 6178520) to his growing LEGO collection. The wild cat LIONESS is definitely the BIG WIN of this LEGO set. (Have you played with Google’s 3D digital animals that you can project into your home, for FREE?)

Minifigure Tree Costume + Props

Two new explorer Minifigures with props including a camera, mug, and binoculars — all the necessities for a wild-animal safari photo shoot. The set includes a male and female Minifigure and each head has two printed face options.

Two face options for the Safari Adventure Minifigures.

The tree costume (brick 6207142) is also a fun touch, perfect for sneaking up on unsuspecting animals in the wild (or for having parrots land on!)

The LEGO City Safari 60267 Set is a creative off-road vehicle with creative animal photoshoot props.

Creative Play

Friends from other sets: Nya makes the lioness her pet. The black panther was hurt and Nya came to the rescue. The doggy stuck his head into an ice-cream truck and got a popsicle stuck in his back. But the other animals enjoyed it very much. (This storyline is told by a six-year-old!)

The beauty of this safari-themed LEGO set is that it encourages creative play.

Immediately after my son built this set, the kids started thinking of the other animals that would be a good fit with this set. My son grabbed a LEGO dog and my daughter grabbed the LEGO black jaguar, and a plastic tiger. The other animals became part of the scene and were immediately incorporated into the story. Nya (the Ninjago Water Ninja) even joined the fun, as the lioness became her pet. Of course, in classic kid humor, the poor photographers had their butts bitten. Ouch!


The kids do not have any complaints with this set, but they do wish that the doors of this off-road vehicle (perhaps a Jeep?) would open.

The doors are only decorative so to access the inside of the vehicle you need to take the roof off.

The inside of this zebra-striped camouflage safari vehicle is accessed by removing the roof.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we’re REALLY pleased with the Safari adventure off-road vehicle set, especially because the price is right!

As of Spring of 2021, this set which was released in 2020, costs only about $20 USD. It’s a great addition to our growing LEGO collection.

LEGO Set Rating

Arts and Brick’s gives the LEGO City Safari Off-roader, Set 60267 a 5-Star “Excellent” Kid-Review.

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Have a WILD CAT obsessed child? Then this Safari Off-Roader LEGO set is going to be a hit. Learn why in our recent kid-review of this LEGO set: zebra prints, lioness, parrot, camera, double-sided faces and more! #lego #legoset #safari #lion #lionness

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