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Prestige/Disguise makes a series of LEGO Minifigure costumes that have formed legs and feet referred to as “configured” legs. These LEGO costumes come in three kids’ sizes Small (4/6), Medium (7/8), and Large (10/12). Most traditional, there’s the LEGO GUY who dons a red shirt and blue legs. The LEGO Minifigure costume designs include Kai, Nya, Lloyd, Cole, and Jay Ninjago; there are also superheroes Emmet from LEGO Movie, Batgirl, Batman, and Robin. Other choices include a NEXO Knight, an adorable LEGO Cowgal, a productive construction worker, and a friendly LEGO police officer. For a little spooky, but fun, there’s a LEGO vampire, LEGO mummy, LEGO skeleton, or LEGO witch.

The formed leg costumes look the most realistic, but they’re also more expensive than the designs that include simple polyester pants without the configured legs.

Lego Man halloween costumes - Lego minifigure costumes

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