Did you know LEGO has a FREE magazine for kids?

Look what just arrived…this quarter’s  LEGO Life Magazine!!! (🔊 The sound effect is a high-pitched “EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”)

Do you have elementary-aged kiddos who love LEGO? Then, I highly suggest signing up for this free LEGO magazine. Here are the perks!

⚡ It’s FREE and shipped right to your home four times a year
⚡ It’s exclusively for kids between the ages of 5 and 9
⚡ You can always unsubscribe

This isn’t an advertisement or a sponsored post; we’re just big LEGO fans, and this magazine is FUN FAN MAIL! 📫 Enjoy!

Wondering what to do with magazines once you’re done reading them?

Collage, of course! Check out our Magazine Collage craft ideas!

Delight your LEGO-lovin' kiddo with LEGO LIFE magazine. Free from LEGO.

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