Kid-Review of Lego Iconic Chess Game Board, Set 40174

Lego Iconic Chess Set 40174

A Christmas gift favorite, with 1,450 LEGO brick pieces, this LEGO set is the largest set our seven-year-old has built to-date.

LEGO’s chess set is recommended for builders aged nine and up, however, if you’re buying this game for a patient and dedicated child Lego builder, then do NOT worry. The higher age ranking is not because the build set is overly complicated. Instead, in our opinion, the age suggestion is based on the number of pieces and the amount of time it takes to complete the game board and pieces.

The price of this set varies quite a bit. We’ve seen it listed anywhere from $44 to $54 direct from Lego and up to $100 on Amazon (especially when the set is out of stock on

This is BY FAR our most used LEGO set.

My son is really enjoying learning to play Chess, especially on a board built from LEGO bricks, that he made himself!

The beauty of this set is that you build the set once, and then you store your pieces within the built game board.


We think we’ll keep this very functional set, possibly forever! If you enjoy chess, then you won’t really ever out-grow this set.

I can literally imagine playing Chess with our son’s children and telling our grandkids that their Daddy built this game board when he was their age!

Play Checkers, too.

For a little less involved game, the Iconic Chess set also comes with the correct pieces to play checkers. This is great for non-Chess players and younger kiddos who aren’t quite ready for the strategy required in Chess.

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  1. It’s so great that nowdays the chess are more and more atractive to kids. Lego bricks are as universal, as chess game and you don’t need a special set to have your own, Lego chess board. But I understand that not every kid or parent will have this idea. Other example of chess greatness – Super Mario chess set is tremendously popular. Both of my kids love playing with these high quality Mario pieces as if they were simply action figures. In fact, when he was younger, I think our son thought playing chess literally meant having pretend time with the Mario pieces. So you’re really getting a two-in-one here. And if you want to teach your kid how to play, this set combined with book Chess Puzzles for Kids by Maksim Aksanov (net-bossorg/chess-puzzles-for-kids-by-maksim-aksanov) – It uses a chess teaching method that has been perfected for over a decade, kids will LOVE learning chess through fun stories and exercises.

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