Digital Doodling on Photos

Surprise Kid Doodles

Our kids found that without unlocking our iPhones, they can access the Photo edit settings, which means they can take photos, draw, and doodle on our photos.

Finding new images in my Photo Library is always a fun surprise, especially when the images feature playful kid-drawn doodles!

iPhone Photo Doodles by My Kids

My kid’s favorite doodles are making us throw up, sneezing snot, or giving us laser eyes and unicorn horns!

Furry friends get hats and glasses, too

Encourage creative drawing on your phone

Our parenting style is to keep our kids off our phones, devices, and screens as much as possible.

When our kids spend time on devices, we prefer their activities to be creative and thought-provoking. For years, their favorite phone activities have been digital drawing and doodling on our family photos. They also love taking pictures of Google 3D animals (lion in the kitchen, anyone?) and enjoy playing the Prodigy Math game (here’s why we love it!).

Doodle Fun

So next time you hand over your phone to your kiddo, perhaps encourage them to draw on your photos. What funny doodles can they make?

Your doodle-loving kiddos may also enjoy these other kid drawing activities: Mo Willem’s lunchtime doodle YouTube episodes and Fall Leaf gel pen doodling.

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