Child-Review for LEGO Creator Mythical Creatures, Set 31073

The Lego Mythical Creatures set features a Fire-Breathing Dragon, a Giant Spider, and a Troll carrying an axe (or can be arranged as a guitar, too)!

The LEGO Creator 3in1 Mythical Creatures 31073 Building Kit includes 223 pieces. The color palette is dark-red (maroon) and yellow (a gold color).

This set is marked as ages 7-12 and we agree with the age-range. We estimate that each build will take your child between an hour and two hours.

Lego set 31073 came out in 2018 and is currently retired on, but is still available online on Amazon and other e-commerce stores, and even available in-store at many places. We also like the 2020 3in1 Fire Dragon LEGO Set, which we review on our site, too.

Mythical Creatures Lego Dragon

The dragon is by far our favorite build of this 3in1 set!!! Lots of excitement about this one! Glowing green eyes, fire-breath, pointy fangs, a long jointed tail, movable wings and legs, and a jaw that roars make this fierce dragon BOTH play and display-worthy! It’s about 10 inches in length.

Mythical Creatures Lego Troll

The Troll’s axe is probably the best part of the Troll build. We also like the way the thumb is built onto the hand. In general, our 7-year-old boy wasn’t too enthused about this build.

3-in-1 LEGO Giant Spider – Tarantula

Our first build in this 3in1 set was the Troll, then the Dragon. The dragon was such a show-stopper that our son did not build the spider. This leads us to the worst part of this set, actually all 3-in-1 sets…

The worst part of this set? At our home, we have a really TOUGH time breaking apart what we build to make all 3 builds. 3-in-1’s are a great concept, but in reality, we find the dismantling is a true battle!

Favorite New Bricks from the Mythical Creatures Set

We’ve built our personal LEGO collection from hand-me-downs from my LEGO childhood collection, bulk purchases from eBay, and of course, new LEGO set purchases and gifts! We’re always excited about new brick types.

The following two bricks are our favorite new bricks added to our LEGO collection from the Mythical Creatures Set.

Shown Below
The set includes 1 Yellow Brick – #6212206
and 2 x Red Brick – #6212205

Alternative Builds for Lego Set Mythical Creatures

We’re always impressed with the alternate builds you can find online for each LEGO Set. We especially like the Bokoblin, Mythical Horse, and Giant Scorpion by ElDorado Bricks El Dorado. Other notable alternative builds are Chinese Dragon/Snake, Werewolf, and the dinosaur Nessy Plesiosaur.

LEGO provides the alternate build instructions (digitally) for the Mythical Snake on the site.

Mythical Snake Alternative Build for Mythical Creature 3in1 – Download Instructions from

Watch Build Videos for LEGO Mythical Creatures

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Happy Building!

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