How to build a shark out of bricks

Sharks! What kid doesn’t love them? But, how do you build a shark out of bricks? I’ve tried a few times only to hear my son say, “Mom, that doesn’t look so good.” Ugh. Fail. He is truly so much better at building than I am.

We’ve put together the following inspirations and guides, so maybe you can experience real parenting “building wins” and truly impress your littles with your new-found shark building skills.

LEGO® Classic Shark

Using the Classic building set and the Creative Supplement box you can make this friendly shark, with just a mild bite!

Lego Shark made from Classic Lego Kit
LEGO provides downloadable instructions to build this fierce shark using the Classic and Creative Supplement 10693 box.

Sailed June 2020

One of our favorite LEGO sets to date, LEGO 31109 Pirate Ship, includes the pieces and instructions (pages 8 to 13) for this Pirate-chomping shark. We’ve written a review for each of the builds included in this LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Set.

Kid-Review of LEGO Creator Pirate Ship, Set 31109

Take a read and check out our pictures, or walk the plank and meet your fate!

One of our favorite sets to date, LEGO 31109 Pirate Ship, includes the pieces and instructions for this Pirate-chomping shark. Check out our reviews of each of the builds included in this LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Set. Pictures and answers to whether or not this shark floats included!
An eight-year old boy questions, “Does the shark in my new pirate ship set float?” Answer: “Yes!” He was pleased to see that the shark floated fairly realistically. Although quite submerged, the dorsal fin was always above water!

Purchase LEGO® CREATORS Deep Sea Creatures 31088

Available in 2019 in the US for about $15. PDF build instructions for this shark are provided by LEGO.

We have not built this set, but the reviews on are great. Deep Sea Creatures comes with instructions for three builds, and there is a fourth design available for a whale, too. The kit includes a crab, squid, and angler fish. Reviewers of this kit even mention that the anglerfish will fluoresce under actinic/UV light. Cool!

Another LEGO set featuring a glow-in-the-dark anglerfish is the LEGO City Ocean Exploration Submarine, Set 60264.

Great White Shark – Google 3D Animal

On a side note, have you tried Google’s 3D animals on your phone or tablet? There are a 3D great white shark and dozens of other animal and insect options, too. Read more about how to use 3D animals on your device and check-out the entire clickable 3d Animals list.

Ideas from Bloggers: A round-up


This great post by Little Bins for Little Hands is full of great Shark Week Activities AND includes a how-to for making creative sharks out of very basic bricks (2×2s, 2×4s, a few slopes, round 1×1 pieces for teeth, and eyes). Take a look.

Shark Week Brick Building. Credit: This image belongs to Little Bins For Little Hands.


This detailed post by Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls shows step-by-step building instructions for a shark with fins that move and a mouth that opens and shuts. Creative! Love it!

Awesome Lego Shark. Credit: This image belongs to


This post by BrisBricks gives you what you need to build your own “Baby Shark” as featured in Pink Fong’s catchy song!

Baby Shark build instructions. Credit: This image belongs to Bris Bricks.

Shark Brick Videos

From speed builds and reviews, to hammerhead shark instructions and stop action storylines, these videos are worth a watch.

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Unique Gifts for Brick Lovers

Want to keep your LEGO-built sharks on display longer than the next time you need to use that one blue-angled piece?

Solution: Snap a photo and order an Arts and Bricks Design Your Own wall decal. Perfect for a favorite shark build or an entire shark family! Get creative: personalize your kid’s space with custom made, repositionable wall decals.

Just want a shark decal? Order our cute shark wall decal shown below.

Sharks! What kid doesn't love them? But, how do you build a shark out of bricks? Here are a few inspirations and guides.
Purchase Brick-built wall stickers / wall decals, even a a blue brick-built shark wall decal for kids room decor.

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