How to build an alligator or crocodile out of bricks

What kid can resist the CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP! of an alligator or crocodile? If you’re around a LEGO-loving child, there will come the time when you’ll want to know how to build one of these predators. Here’s some reptilian inspiration.


For build-your-own options, we recommend sorting through your personal collection and grabbing all your green pieces, and then taking a look at Arts and Bricks’s and LEGO Classic’s build instructions.

Build the Arts and Bricks Alligator/Crocodile

How to build an alligator or crocodile from Lego bricks, building instructions
This alligator/crocodile design is copyrighted to Barkhurst Creative, LLC. Buy this brick-built reptile as a wall or window decoration.


LEGO Classic has two downloadable instructions for LEGO crocodiles. Need more green bricks? You can always pick-up more green LEGO bricks by buying a Classic Green Creativity set.

Crocodile 1

PDF of Instructions for Crocodile 1 shown directly below (build starts on page 18).

These building instructions recommend purchasing the 10708 Green Creativity Box.

Crocodile 2

PDF instructions for Crocodile 2 shown below. Crocodile build starts on page 6.

Crocodile built with 20696 LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box


If you have a brick AND alligator enthusiast on your hands, then maybe this cute alligator themed brick separator is a nice idea! I found it on Etsy for under $3!

Cute Alligator Brick Separator – Under $3. Photo Credit: PlanetoftheBricks

Brick-Built Jungle Wall Decor

For your crocodile-lovin’ kiddo, how about decorating his/her room with this unique jungle wall decal set by Arts and Bricks? Each jungle animal was designed and built by a Mommy/Son team and the wall stickers coordinate with Ikea’s DJUNGELSKOG kid bedding collection.

Brick-Built Wall Stickers that match Ikea Djungelskog Bedding Jungle

Buy LEGO Alligator and Crocodile Sets

LEGO periodically brings out an official complete Alligator and Crocodile set. If you’re lucky enough to find the LEGO Creator Ferocious Creatures Set #5868 on sale, you’ll have a fun 3-in-1 crocodile solution. However, because it is a 2010 release, this 416 piece crocodile set can be pretty pricy to buy online.

LEGO Creator Ferocious Creatures Set #5868, launched 2010

Another LEGO Creator set is the LEGO Creator BrickMaster Exclusive Mini Building Set #20015 Crocodile. It was also launched in 2010, has 89 pieces and ranges in price from $1 to $50 – dependent on where you look online.

A more recently launched set, LEGO City Jungle Starter Set 60157, is from 2017 and includes a ready-made crocodile.

LEGO City Jungle Starter Set 60157, launched 2017


There are also many custom LEGO alligator and crocodile designs that you can replicate. A few of our favorite video how-tos are collected in this playlist:

Prev 1 of 1 Next
Prev 1 of 1 Next


Did we miss any sharable designs in this crocodile and alligator roundup? If yes, please share it in the comments!

3D Alligator in your Space

Have you seen Google’s 3D Animals and Star War’s Grogu? Google’s 3D Animals provide hours of FREE interactive play on your phone or tablet. Check out the 3D Alligator, our list of 50+ other animals, and how-to instructions.

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