The perfect summer brick set for kids – Pickup and Caravan

Kid-Review of LEGO City Pickup & Caravan Building Kit (Model #60182)

Our 7-year old recently received this cute set for his birthday; and it’s a favorite (translation: it won’t be taken apart the same day for modifications).

So, what’s so great about this set?

The obvious: It’s a simple enough build for kids to do on their own, AND it’s vehicles, so this set automatically adds extra wheels, a steering wheel, and an assortment of other car parts for future vehicle builds.

Launched in 2017, this LEGO City set is also affordable. At under $30 USD, this is one of the more reasonable kids’ summer gift purchases (or really anytime!) This set includes 344 pieces and is suggested for children 5 to 12. The caravan’s side opens to reveal the living space and includes removable furniture. The truck’s cab roof opens (to better situate the driver) and includes a hitch.

The not so obvious great things about this LEGO set.

    This set includes 3 great new Minifigure (perhaps, mom, dad, and junior?). The bearded, plaid shirt rocking man is especially loved by my son.
This particular hipster minifigure is really cool. Plus, he packs a juicer for his camping getaways.

Bored of the great outdoors? No problem, your caravan includes a TV playing your favorite monster truck rally!

The 5th wheel includes a television (sticker) with a Monster Jam playing!!!

Ready for some zzz’s? Get cozy in this tucked away sleeping space. Yes, this “secret” area is our son’s favorite part of the set.


Watch one of many LEGO City Pickup & Caravan Set 60182 reviews, instructions or speed builds in this video playlist:

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3 Reasons your brick enthusiast will love LEGO City Pickup & Caravan Set #60182

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