Simple LEGO Brick Marble Runs

A marble LEGO challenge is an excellent STEAM/STEM build for elementary-age children. It teaches engineering skills and fosters creativity. Winning!

Start with a simple goal: build a track where a marble travels through the track successfully.

Make the marble run more challenging by adding goals such as:

  • Make the marble turn propellers
  • Build in turns
  • Can the marble go down and then back up again?
  • Can the marble make it through an arch, a door, or a tunnel?
  • Can you add height to your marble run?
  • Can you make a flat marble run, more like a marble puzzle?
  • What specialty LEGO pieces can you use to add ramps and unexpected maze elements?
  • What grade vertical slope works best?

Experiment and have fun. This is a LEGO activity you can do over and over again!

What do I need to build a LEGO marble run?

  • A bin of bricks
  • Marble(s)
  • A base plate
  • Creativity!
A LEGO marble run in progress - sometimes creativity is MESSY!
A LEGO marble run in progress – sometimes creativity is MESSY!

What does a LEGO marble run look like?

Watch our LEGO marble run video to see our finished marble run and to find inspiration to build your own.

Get inspired to make a marble run from LEGO bricks with kids!

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