LEGO Vehicles – Made by Kids

LEGO Vehicle MOCs (My Own Creations)

The Dig-O-Matic

Designed by an eight-year-old, this Dr. Seuss-inspired vehicle rolls up its scooper. See more and read about the details in our Dig-O-Matic LEGO MOC post.

Spiraling digger on a LEGO vehicle made by a kid

The Flying Dirt Bike with Dandelion

This adventurous LEGO MOC is built by a 6-year-old and carries a dandelion! This Spring and Summer, add Flower Power to your child’s LEGO MOCs by attaching flowers with LEGO brick hooks. Precious! 🌼 🌸 🌷 (Love dandelions? Our dandelion playdough is a hit!)

Use a LEGO brick with a hook to hold flowers - perfect for your summer and spring MOCs. Shown with a dandelion!

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