How to Blow Out an Egg for Easter – 8 Tips

Traditionally, we’ve always hard-boiled eggs for decorating and dying. This year, we wanted to display Nature-Decorated Easter Eggs, so we decided to give blown-out eggs a shot. It worked pretty well; here’s what we did.

Blown-Out Egg Tips


You can use any sharp thin tool to poke the hole—our best suggestions: a push pin or tack, a nail, or a needle.
Some sites recommend purchasing special egg piercing tools or using a hand drill or a Dremel. However, we did not find these tools necessary, as a simple push pin worked well.


We dyed our raw eggs using an egg dye tablet and vinegar/water BEFORE blowing our eggs out. This had mixed results. As we blew out our eggs, our fingers, and the dripping egg whites/yolks rubbed off some of the dye. We saved our glass of dye and stuck the eggs back into the cup once we were finished blowing them out. This is a bit difficult because an empty egg floats.

Example of egg white and yolk dripping on pre-dyed blown out easter egg
The dripping egg white and egg yolk took off some of the dye on our pre-dyed eggs.


Tape the ends. Before using a push pin, nail or sharp object, place a small piece of tape on each end of the egg. This will help prevent the egg from cracking.

Break up the yolk with a paperclip or toothpick for blown-out eggs.


Break up the yolk. Once you have a hole punctured into each end of the egg, then use a toothpick or unfolded paperclip to widen the hole and to break up the yolk.

Use a paper clip to break up the yolk in prep for blowing out your easter egg.


Use a straw. Although it is probably safe to use your mouth directly on the egg to blow out the white and yolk, we preferred keeping a bit of distance. (Salmonella fear!) We found that a wide straw did the trick.

Traditionally, we've always hard-boiled eggs for decorating and dying. This year, we wanted to display Nature-Decorated Easter Eggs, so we decided to give blown out eggs a shot. It worked pretty well, here's what we did. This image shows how to use a straw to blow out your egg.
Use a straw to blow out your egg.


Wash out and dry your egg. Next, we rinsed our eggs and let them dry. We put the hole under the faucet and used a toothpick to help let the remaining goop and water out of the egg. The rinse also removed some of our dye, so we did put our eggs back into the dye for a quick second-coat.

Tip 7

Decorate in a stand. To decorate your fragile blown-egg, find something to set it in. We used rolls of Scotch Tape as stands. You could also use a bottle cap.

Make a simple egg decorating stand with a roll of Scotch tape.

Tip 8

Get creative. We decorated our blown eggs with natural found materials collected during a family nature walk. We also displayed our Naturally Decorated Easter Eggs in homemade Paper Bag Nests.

Naturally Decorated Blown-Out Easter Eggs

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Wondering how to "Hollow Out An Egg?" Maybe it is your first time trying to blow out Easter Eggs with kids. Check-out these 8 tips by Arts & Bricks before getting started.

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