Easter Bunny + Easter Egg with Pom-Pom Paint Brush

This elementary-age oriented Easter craft is a great combination of process-art and directed-art. We started the project with an experimental painting. There was no prompt or end-project in mind. The kids were told to paint and to have fun. Only after we were done with our Pom-Pom painting did we decide to use our paintings in an Easter-themed directed-art project.

Here’s what we did. Enjoy!

Finished Easter Egg/Bunny Artwork

Pom-Pom Brush Painting

Today’s project starts by painting a child-directed pattern on a sheet of paper using a Pom-Pom Paintbrush. Encourage your child to experiment making circles, stripes, and patterns with this unique paintbrush. Each child’s color selection and design will be beautifully different.

Tip: When the pom-pom becomes completely saturated with paint, just switch out the pom-pom for a new fresh, puffy one.

To make your pom-pom brush, simply pinch a pom-pom in the “mouth” of the clothespin.
Use your pom-pom brush to make colorful stripes, lines, circles, dots and patterns.

Easter Bunny + Egg Printable

While your pom-pom paintings are drying, you can start on the second part of this craft: the Easter Bunny + Easter Egg cutout.

We made a FREE PRINTABLE for you to use as a tracer and cutting pattern for the Easter Bunny/Easter Egg design combination.


  • Print your tracer.
  • Cut out the “Easter Egg” shape on your tracer printout.
  • Use the tracer to trace/transfer the design onto your craft’s piece of paper. We recommend using construction paper or cardstock.
  • Cut out the “Easter Egg” shape on your final design.
  • Decorate your bunny’s face, maybe even include large googly eyes.
  • Don’t forget to add details to the inside of the bunny ears!
  • When your pom-pom painted designs are dry, glue them to the back of your bunny.
  • Show off your design by displaying it prominently in your home or school!
Make an Easter Craft for Kids using Pom-Pom Brushes and our Free Printable.
Let your child know that you recognize their creativity and talent; make sure to display your child’s masterpieces!

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Easter Egg/Bunny Printable with Pom-Pom Painting

Did you try this craft?

We want to see your Easter creations! Please share your examples of this project in the comments or on our Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages. Use @artsandbricks or #artsandbricks.

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