Chalk Bunny Silhouette Art

Create this colorful bunny craft with your preschool and elementary-aged kiddos! It’s fun, creative, fast, and beautiful to display.

Spring 2020 (Quarantine): Our amazing preschool recently sent home this quick, cute spring craft in our weekly “stay-at-home and we miss you” craft bag. The results are too great not to share!

In our case, our bunny craft was prepped for us, but this would be easy to do yourself, too!

Quick & Easy Instructions

Start with a cut-out of a bunny silhouette. Attach your bunny silhouette to a piece of black construction paper with tape. Attaching the bunny with painting tape made removing the bunny silhouette very easy; we avoided any ripping or damage to the project. However, if you only have Scotch tape available, I’m sure that works just fine, too!

Trace a bunny silhouette onto black construction paper

We used brightly colored chalkboard chalk to draw around the bunny. We made a pattern directly around the outline of the bunny and we used the side of the chalk to gently add color to the remaining background.

use chalk, chalkboard chalk, to decorate a bunny on construction paper

When we were done decorating with chalk, we removed the paper tracer bunny and for display purposes, we sprayed our finished artwork with a fixative.

Add chalk pattern to your spring bunny craft.

This was a fast enough craft that our youngest stayed engaged, yet it allowed for enough creative expression that yet both our pre-k and elementary-aged children were quite proud of their spring bunny art project.

Don’t forget to display your child’s masterpiece!

Kid-Drawn Wall Decal on display with Chalk Silhouette Bunny

Variation with Chalk Pastels

As I was searching around Pinterest, I found that Projects with Kids has a similar chalk pastel project and free printable bunny silhouette. I wouldn’t be surprised if our preschool was inspired by their chalk pastel project. So “hop” on over to their site for their detailed instructions and printable.

Brightly Colored Bunny Art Project with Chalk Pastels
Get bunny printable and detailed Chalk Pastel instructions on

Not making this Bunny Silhouette Craft right now?

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Spring Craft: Chalk Silhouette Bunny for kids. Create this colorful bunny craft with your preschool and elementary-aged kiddos! It's fun, creative, fast, and beautiful to display. Click for instructions.
Make a simple chalk silhouette bunny craft for kids.

Oil Pastel and Chalk Smears: A year-round activity

Get creative. This project can be adapted for all seasons of the year. I can see this working for leaves, snowmen, snowflakes, fruit, vegetables, all animals. The ideas are endless!

Fall Leaf Artwork with Oil Pastel: Create colorful seasonal crafts with silhouettes and chalk or oil pastels. The sky is the limit!
Adapt this idea for projects all year. I love this Fall Leaf Oil Pastel project, too.

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