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Family Handprint Art for Lockdown 2020

Family Lockdown Keepsake Art Project

Our preschool is always amazing but has especially been shining brightly over the past month. The center remains open to provide childcare for essential workers and so during this time, they’ve been preparing craft bags for the kids at home that they are missing! Once a week, we’re able to drive by and pick up the lovingly created goodie bags.

This week, we were given a lockdown-oriented family handprint art project. It’s so simple and makes a great, frameable keepsake.

When the world stayed apart we stayed together.
Lockdown 2020 Family Handprint Artwork

Note: I realize that our family artwork example has “we” written twice, a missing comma and very funky fingers on our littlest hand, but I think it makes our family project an even better keepsake! Its imperfections encourage me to embrace the chaos, to embrace continuous learning and most of all to embrace my daily “mistakes.”

Instructions: The How-To

It’s simple! Trace each family member’s hand on a piece of construction paper. Cut and glue each hand, stacked on top of each other, onto another sheet of paper. Choose your favorite verse and include it on your keepsake. Don’t forget to find a frame for this family art project!

Trace and Cut family handprints, for lockdown 2020 family keepsake

Of course, there’s a multitude of ways to make this family project uniquely your own!

Extra Touches: Add a heart cut-out or a house cut-out, use sparkly paper, include your family member’s names and/or your furry family’s paw prints, too!

Other variations on this COVID-19 Family Keepsake include:
• Use painted handprints
• Use painted, colored or other artistically created paper for the handprint cutouts
• Print your verse rather than handwriting it. (We have free templates for your family handprint craft.)

Lockdown 2020 Handprint Art Family Keepsake
Lockdown 2020 Handprint Art Family Keepsake

Lockdown/Stay at Home Keepsake Verse

For the keepsake verse, perhaps choose from one of these heartwarming sayings:

“When the world stayed apart, this was my favorite place to be.”
– Lockdown 2020

“When the world stayed apart, we stayed together.”
– [Insert Family Name] 2020

“During a time when the world needed everyone to stay apart…Together was our favorite place to be.”
– Lockdown 2020

“In a time when the world needs to stay apart, together is the best place for us to be.”
– Quarantine 2020

“During a moment of time in which the world needed everyone to stay apart…we stayed in together.”
– Covid-19 Virus Lockdown 2020

“Side by Side. Hand in Hand. Heart to Heart.”
– Lockdown 2020

– Stay-at-Home 2020

“Together is our favorite place to be”
[Insert Family Name] 2020

“We were together, I forget the rest.” Walt Whitman
– Stay-at-Home 2020

“There’s no one else I’d rather be stuck inside with all day!”
– Stay-at-Home 2020

Examples of Lockdown Family Handprint Art – More Inspiration!

"When the World stayed apart, this was our favorite place to be." - Framed Handprint Keepsake
“When the World stayed apart, this was our favorite place to be.” – Framed Handprint Keepsake
@kaylie.golding on Instagram.
This is so cute! @artsandbricks family lockdown project
#handprint #familyart #lockdown #covid-19
Image from www.beesworld.org
Example of framed Lockdown 2020 family handprint art. #handprints #lockdown #family #covidart #keepsake

Another creative idea?

Turn your family handprint into a window decoration!

Did you make a family handprint craft to commemorate this time?

We’d love to see it and to share it! Tag us #artsandbricks or @artsandbricks.

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Not making this DIY Family Keepsake right now?

Then pin the image below so you can easily find it later! Do you like this project? Follow us on Pinterest to see even more family crafts!

Handprint Lockdown 2020 keepsake for families during quarantine
Examples and inspiration for handprint covid-19, lockdown 2020 family keepsake artwork

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