Which Animal is Fake?

Our Animal Name Guessing Game for Kids – Halloween Edition

When we need to pass the time, we often play the game, “Which animal is fake?”

It works by sharing three animal names. Two animals are real animals, and one is a fake animal name. The family has to guess which animal on your list is the fake animal. This game is lots of fun and is an excellent time-passer, especially while waiting in line, taking family hikes, or riding in the car together. The trickier, the better!

Here’s our Halloween Animal Edition

It’s surprising how many spooky, Halloween-named animals there really are! The answers are at the bottom. Have fun learning about these creepy, scary, real animals! We encourage you to look up and learn about the unexpected real animals included in this list.

1. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Goblin Wasp
  • Goblin Shark
  • Goblin Spider

2. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Dracula Ant
  • Dracula Fish
  • Dracula Shrimp

3. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Dracula Monkey
  • Dracula Snail
  • Dracula Parrot

4. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Yeti Crab
  • Goblin Crab
  • Vampire Crab

5. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Ghost Frog
  • Mummy Frog
  • Vampire Flying Frog

6. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Ghost Shark
  • Ghost Slug
  • Ghost Mouse

7. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Yeti Spider
  • Ghost Spider
  • Goblin Spider

8. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Blood Bat
  • Vampire Bat
  • Ghost Bat

9. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Vampire Squid
  • Vampire Moth
  • Vampire Mantis

10. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Zombie Grasshopper
  • Gila Monster
  • Thorny Devil

11. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Ghost Slug
  • Ghost Snail
  • Ghost Owl

12. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Ghost Mantis
  • Mummy Bonefish
  • Bone-Eating Snot Flower

13. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Vampire Shrimp
  • Vampire Finch
  • Vampire Vulture

14. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Masked Palm Civet
  • Costume Moth
  • Ghost Mantis

15. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Skeleton Lizard
  • Blobfish
  • Hellbender

16. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Ghost Moth
  • Blood Python
  • Witch Frog

17. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Black Ghost Knifefish
  • Brown Ghost Hyena
  • Skeleton Shrimp

18. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Blood Ant
  • Halloween Crab
  • Witch Flounder

19. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Pumpkin Bug
  • Ghoul Fish
  • Halloween Butterfly

20. Which animal is fake? (answer)

  • Giant Spitting Yetifish
  • Alligator Snapping Turtle
  • Giant Spitting Cobra
Shows Vampire Parrots as part of Which Animal is Fake Animal Guessing Game
Dracula Parrots at MiamiMetro Zoo – Image from Wikipedia


  1. Fake: Goblin Wasp (go back)
  2. Fake: Dracula Shrimp (go back)
  3. Fake: Dracula Snail (go back)
  4. Fake: Goblin Crab (go back)
  5. Fake: Mummy Frog (go back)
  6. Fake: Ghost Mouse (go back)
  7. Fake: Yeti Spider (go back)
  8. Fake: Blood Bat (go back)
  9. Fake: Vampire Mantis (go back)
  10. Fake: Zombie Grasshopper (go back)
  11. Fake: Ghost Snail (go back)
  12. Fake: Mummy Bonefish (go back)
  13. Fake: Vampire Vulture (go back)
  14. Fake: Costume Moth (go back)
  15. Fake: Skeleton Lizard (go back)
  16. Fake: Witch Frog (go back)
  17. Fake: Brown Ghost Hyena (go back)
  18. Fake: Blood Ant (go back)
  19. Fake: Halloween Butterfly (go back)
  20. Fake: Giant Spitting Yetifish (go back)

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This is a Halloween edition of our family's animal name guessing game for kids. Test your knowledge of vampire, ghoul, and ghost-named animals!

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