Send a Handprint Hug

Send a hug in the mail for Grandparents Day, Valentine's Day, Holidays, and more. The beauty of this craft is that your gift actually wraps your recipient in a true hug.

Long Distance Hugs from Kids

Send a handprint hug in the mail for Grandparents Day, Valentine’s Day, Holidays, and more. Consider this thoughtful DIY craft for military deployed family members or even college students living away from family and friends.

The beauty of this craft is that your gift actually wraps your recipient in a true hug. Grandma or Grandpa can literally take your child’s hug and embrace themselves with your child’s hug-span!

Did you know that Grandparents Day is celebrated each year the Sunday after Labor Day? This is a thoughtful long-distance gift for celebrating Grandparents Day!

Mail-able Hug: One-of-a-kind Kid-made Gift

The mail-able hug is a simple craft that brings great joy to the recipient!


  1. Measure your child’s hug-span! Use tule, ribbon, paper, string, or any material you have on hand. Cut the length of your material to match your child’s wing span (hug span 😍.)
  2. Make handprints. We used acrylic paint on card stock paper. We like to paint our handprints with a paintbrush and then press our hands down on to the paper laying on our table.
  3. Cut out handprints. When your handprints are dried, use scissors to cut out your handprints.
  4. Write a message. We wrote our hug’s love message on construction paper.
  5. Attach message and handprints to your hug-span. We attached our love note and handprints to the tule with staples and tape.
Send your child's HUG-SPAN in the mail! A sweet gift for your loved ones.

Write your own love message or consider using one of these poems.

  • A hug for you!
  • I’m sending you big hugs!
  • A hug from [your child’s name]. Instructions: Wrap this around you. Think of me. Smile. You’ve been hugged. I love you!
  • I love you this much!
  • Hug, please!
  • Wrap these hands around you, and press close to your heart. For when there is love, we’re never far apart.
  • I miss you when you’re far away. I’d love to see you every day. But since I can’t come over to play, I’m mailing you a hug today! So although it may be quite a sight, wrap my arms around you tight! Repeat daily to keep your smile bright, until we get to reunite!
  • Here is a hug with a handmade touch, just to remind you that I love you very much.
  • I love you. Here’s a hug because we can’t give you a real one!

Have more than one kiddo? Send multiple handprint hugs.

TIP: Don’t forget to update your love messages / poems to be plural.

  • Here are hugs with a handmade touch, just to remind you that we love you this much!
  • Big Hugs from Us!

When is the best time to Send a Handprint Hug Span?

Any time of course, but this is especially sweet for Christmas, Hannukah, Grandparent’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Get Well Soon days, New baby gift from kids, and more!

More handprint and hug gift ideas from and for kids

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