Family Handprint Keepsake Crafts

Framed family handprint keepsake crafts

Framing your family’s handprints is a unique way to decorate your walls.

You can make this family keepsake yourself by tracing handprints or creating painted handprints. Alternatively, you can purchase your framed gift from an Etsy vendor that uses inkless print kits.

Framed Family Handprint Inspiration from Pinterest

Ideas for words and phrases to put on your family keepsake handprint craft

  1. This is Us
  2. Established 2006, Family Name
  3. Our Family
  4. Family Name
  5. Holding Hands Forever
  6. The members of each family member
  7. Family Name, 2020
  8. All Because Two People Fell In Love
  9. We love you
  10. Thankful for Family
  11. Side by Side. Heart to Heart. Hand in Hand.
  12. No Greater Love
  13. Sometimes just holding hands is holding on to everything.
  14. You may hold our hands a while, but you hold our hearts forever
  15. Even 10 little fingers can’t count the ways I love you.
  16. Moments to love and cherish forever
  17. Happy Mother’s Day
  18. Happy Birthday
  19. Together is our favorite place to be
  20. Together we make a family
  21. Other things may change us, but we start and end with family
  22. First, we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything
  23. Family Stickin’ Together
  24. Blessed
  25. Happy Father’s Day
  26. Family Man
  27. Anyone can be a father, but it takes some special to be a Daddy
  28. Daddy, Mommy and Me
  29. Daddy, I’m your number 1 fan
  30. Just like my Daddy

Another creative family handprint idea

Turn your family handprint into a window decoration!

Framed Family Handprints – Inspiration

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