Digital Collaging – Seeing the world through the artistic eyes of a child!

Arts and Bricks creator Kelly Barkhurst shares a digital collage technique that combines photographs and children’s artwork, rendering the world through the lens of childhood.

Digital collage using photograph and children's artwork

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Recently, I found a favorite Adobe Photoshop full-screen advertisement for the “The World is Your Canvas” campaign. This advertisement encourages user interaction by having a slider reveal an artist’s creative world. (Watch below)

This is one of my favorite online advertisements by Adobe.

This Adobe advertisement campaign inspired me to experiment with rendering the world through my children’s eyes, too.

Below are examples of my images combined using JetPack’s Image Compare Block to create a similar concept using a child’s photograph and artwork.

Below: Seeing the world through our children’s eyes. An evening at the pond collecting newts is more than just a beautiful afternoon — it’s full of joy and little girl rainbows!

Below: For this design, I collaged multiple elements from this joyful child’s painted artwork!

May our view of a sunny afternoon be as adventurous and joyful as our children’s!

I hope you love these artistic experiments as much as I do!

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