What People are Saying about Arts and Bricks's Products

"This is a great idea for decorating a bedroom...The idea of customized stickers is absolutely brilliant, as is the idea of Lego designs, as that is something not available from the major sticker companies." -- Brickset Member Comment

"This is a custom gift that dads/uncles/brothers/grandparents will adore." -- Mothering Magazine

"What an adorable concept!" -- Email

"Forget hanging your kids’ artwork on the fridge! Make it last longer with a personalized wall decal made from their imagination!  Turn their art or even their LEGO brick creations into cool wall decals so they can keep them forever!" -- That's Just Jeni (blog)

"[My son] just got his own room. So excited for him to come home and see the @ArtsandBricks decals I put on his wall." -- Instagram

What a clever little keepsake! -- Facebook


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